Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize a product?

Yes all our products are available for customization.

  • To customize a connecting rod use the custom order form.
  • To customize a jesel Bracket use the online store to place your order along with the form under the product.
  • For any additional inquiries about product customiztions  contact us

How much torque should i use?

  • The torque for all rods are provided on your torque sheet that came with your connecting rods.
  • If for any reason you no longer have your torque Sheet you can download or print it here.

How Do I become a dealer?

  • Dealer requirements are assessed on a per company basis.

Fill out a dealer application form and you will be contacted to begin the interview process.

How long will my order take?

  • Online Orders are shipped within 24-48 Hrs once payment is recived and your product is in stock.
  • Custom orders generally take up to 14 working Days.

Do you ship Internationally ?

  • Yes we do ship Internationally, however due to vast variations in shipping cost we require you to fill out our shipping quote form located below.
  • If you require a shipment go to a freight forwarder in the United States you are not required to fill out the shipping form.
  • For all other inquires please use our contact us form.

I don't see my Connecting rod in your catalog, can you make it ?


  • Due to the vast amounts of variations we are unable to list every rod that we have manufactured.
  •  You can use the custom rod form and input the respective information and we can manufacture it.
Still have questions?