Dry & Wet Sump Pumps

Dry & Wet Sump Pumps

All R & R Racing Products oil pumps have been engineered and machined to provide maximum flow and reduce any restrictions that could alter flow characteristics or cause pressure drops.

  • Extruded billet aluminum parts . . . resulting in tight tolerances, stronger, and lighter parts.
  • Oil pumps can be built to operate in either forward/reverse direction.
  • Improved design capable of creating over 20 inches of vacuum.
  • Adjustable external pressure relief valve assembly.
  • Idler shaft is hardened and ground.
  • Idler gears have pressure fed holes in them to lubricate shaft drive shafts.
  • Drive shafts are heat-treated, ground, and have radius-ed keyways to eliminate stress¬†rises and prevent cracking.
  • All external hardware is stainless steel.
  • Housings are laser engraved to be permanently labeled for easy reference and setup.
  • Idler gears are made of high-quality bronze for its excellent wear characteristics.
  • Precision steel driver gears.
  • All housings have O-ringed sections to prevent oil leaks.
  • Cross ports between scavenge sections have been precisely engineered to eliminate the need for an external manifold.
  • Single, dual, and transmission¬†mounts, cam and belt drives are fully serviceable and re-buildable season after season . . in most cases for a fraction of the original price.

R & R Racing Products Oil Pump Mounting Options

Sprint Car Cam Drive Mount

10 Litre Arias Cam Drive Mount

Standard Big Block Chevy Belt Drive Mount

Compact Big Block Chevy Belt Drive Mount

Small Block Chevy Belt Drive Mount

Bert Transmission Mount