Brackets Clamps, Fixtures and Adaptors

R&R Racing Products Jesel Bracket R&R Racing Products Bearing Narrowing Fixture
R&R Racing Products Jesel Bracket

Fuel pump mounting bracket kit for Jesel, Comp, and CV belt drives. Available for SBC, SBC rocket, SBC with SR seal, BBC IV V VI, BBC +.250, +.400, +.600, and +1.000. Custom sizes available.

R&R Racing Products Bearing Narrowing Fixture

Connecting rod bearing narrowing fixture. Made out of aluminum and hard anodized. Available for Chrysler hemi, Chevy Small and Big Block. Three jaw chuck not included.

R&R Racing Products Magneto offset support bracket

R&R Racing Products Mag Clamp

R&R Racing Products Enderle Nozzle Rack


Storage rack for Enderle Nozzles. Billet aluminum
construction and black anodized. Keep your nozzles


Top: Magneto offset support bracket.

Bottom: Magneto clamp kit to keep magneto tight and to absorb vibrations and allow for easier adjustments for MSD, Mallory, and Vertex magnetos.

R&R Racing Products Filter mount

Filter mount

replaces stock oil filter adapter for SB, BB Chevy. Eliminates filter bypass for full filtration.

R&R Racing Products Chassis weight hold-down clamp

Hold-down for adding weight pucks in various places on your race car, available in 1 1/4", 1 3/8", 1 1/2", and 1 5/8" tube diameter.

R&R Racing Products Billet Steering Wheel Hub

Steering wheel extension/adapter
available in 3" or 5" lengths.