Billet Injector Assembly Fuel Injection

R&R Racing Products Billet Injector Assembly (top) R&R Racing Products Billet Injector Assembly (top) R&R Racing Products Billet Injector Assembly (side view)
R&R Racing Products Billet Injector Assembly (large view)

Billet Injector Assembly


>R&R's billet injector is a two-piece black anodized, 6061-T6 billet CNC machined assembly, utilizing twin blades measuring 50 square inches with split throttle shaft with splined ends riding on needle bearings with an adjustable throttle stop. Injector assembly comes configured with either an Enderle alcohol or nitro barrel valve with your choice of hard stainless or rubber lines, 8 way block, and nozzle bodies. Injector assembly shown without filter assembly or fiber scoop. Fits most popular blowers.


R&R has three custom carbon fiber blower scoops specifically designed for our injector assembly in short, medium, and tall as well as a filter assembly with reusable foam element. Carbon fiber scoops are hand laid functional works of art that add a finishing touch to any engine. Scoops come with 4-pc flange for attaching scoop to injector assembly.

R&R Racing Products Carbon Fiber Scoop (small)
R&R Racing Products Carbon Fiber Scoop (medium)

Injector Assembly Pricing

Injector w/o filter or scoop- $CALL

Injector w/ filter- $CALL

Injector w/ scoop- $CALL

Medium & Tall Scoop
w/ 4-pc flange- $CALL

Short Scoop w/ 4-pc flange- $CALL


Your choice of stainless or rubber fuel lines and alcohol or nitro barrel valve.

R&R Racing Products Foam element air cleaner assembly R&R Racing Products Carbon fiber Scoop (large)


Billet Injector Assembly (shown with hard lines)R&R Racing Products Billet Injector Assembly (shown with hard lines)
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R&R Racing Products Carbon Fiber Intake, Side ViewR&R Racing Products sells Enderle Fuel Injection components.R&R Racing Products sells Kinsler Fuel Injection components.

We are your source for Enderle, Ron's Fuel Injection, Kinsler and "any" custom design and fabrication you might need for your supercharged or race engine. R&R Racing Products offers a complete line of Constant flow systems that are both flexible and cost effective with various engine configurations for both racing and for use with exotic fuels, like alcohol. Constant flow fuel injection systems are based on the principle that tuning can be achieved by varying fuel pressure. Our system comes equipped with your choice of Enderle Standard or Nitro barrel valves, but can be equipped with various bypass valves which allows fine-tuning of partial throttle and high-rpm delivery. To further assist in tuning, an electric lean-out or enrichment valve can be fitted with our R&R Constant Flow Fuel Injection system. Complete your fuel injection setup with one of our Carbon Fiber scoops or filter assemblies, and your team will be ready to dominate the strip!